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About Cody


Cody Robert Garcia was born on September 23, 1993, deep in the heart of San Antonio, Te-...You know what? I used to have a long, 3rd person bio right here explaining who I am in regards to “Musical Theatre”. Because that’s what I was told to do in College.
I went to college at the Boston Conservatory, and when we were seniors, it was an assignment for us to get a website. All I ever heard was the importance of the assignment and stressing what a tool a website is in this industry. While I agree with that, I was never given any instruction as to what the website is and should be. Besides some examples from previous years, which are just online versions of a resume?
Anyway this website is a long time project that is being honed in whenever I feel like working on it, or NEED to update it because I’m far into another project.
If you have any questions or comments, there is a contact section to this website you are welcome to take part in. Until then, I’m gunna keep talking about myself? I guess?

If you wanna stop reading here, I won't be offended.
I’ve been acting my whole life. Acting, drawing, painting, sewing, performing, crafting, and other traditionally feminine past times as well. But always acting.
I also was briefly on a basketball team, a swim team, a bowling league, doing magic (yes I used to do up close magic), robotics club, and other traditionally, yet weirdly masculine past times too. (I bring up femininity versus masculinity here because I think whether you notice it or not, it has an effect on growing youth.)
But I was always acting.
I was going to be an engineer first. I went to a couple dope magnet programs about multimedia and engineering (iMAK, STEM). Then I switched to my high schools’ Arts magnet program (NESA). I was a cinematography major for a year before going back to my acting roots, and expanding those roots to the musical theatre tree.
Going to school for all of these things so early is super strange. But I’m very grateful to my time at NESA for helping me realize what a psycho I am.
That brought me to the Boston Conservatory.
What a time that was. I learned many things in my years at BoCo and from amazing teachers: Doug Lockwood, Thomas Gregg, Steve McConnell, to name a few. But none so much, as from my senior Acting teacher, John Kuntz.
We all call him Johnny.
I thought I was a psycho before.
Johnny helped me realize the power I had as an artistic creator. Using acting and theatre specifically, but how it fed into my identity.
I had always wanted to be a director.
I directed The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee in high school with my good friend, Mia Isabella Aguirre.
And then in college, I took on the directing of Ghost: The Musical. A huge challenge of a show, but one of my favorites. (Other favorites: Into the Woods, Parade, Little Shop of Horrors, Sweeney Todd, The Bands Visit, Come From Away, Hadestown, Natasha, Pierre..., and I could go on).
Ghost could not have been possible without Carly Rose Straubing (, Blake Zolfo (, Henry Moore (,  and Jackie Chylinski (
Nor without Johnny.
Johnnys class was the most comfortable I ever felt in my life.
Johnny helped give me a voice. He helped me see my visions.
These visions get clearer and clearer by the day.
Which is why I have helped start a production company in the hopes of getting more work produced. More work that I can direct, and hopefully give jobs to lots and lots of my fellow actors.
Iris Productions is going through many phases of figuring out exactly what it is. And exactly how it works.
It’s hard a lot of the time because so many of us who helped get it on it’s very wobbly feet are constantly working different acting jobs around the country. It’s a good problem to have, but a problem nonetheless.
Many connections have been made through Iris Incubate, a program meant for those with ideas, to meet others with different skill sets who were willing to work together and try to see a project to fruition. Fortunately, for many who attended, it worked. A good few had been brought together to meet others to hone in on a project. It’s a great way to work in this industry. Creating your own.
This is the work I plan to continue.
Any direction inquiries, projects, comments, questions...send them my way.
Because I am shooting for the stars.

In a strange turn of events, during the pandemic, I went to Costa Rica to study massage therapy and became a certified massage therapist. SomethingI never thought would happen but I am eternally grateful for. 


Some of my favorite roles I've done are: Flynn Rider (Tangled), Bert (Mary Poppins), Lumiere / Beast (Beauty and the Beast), Rapunzel's Prince (Into the Woods) Tribe (Hair), Darth Vader (Star Wars Ballet). And, of course, Willy Wonka in the National Tour of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

I was recently honored to be playing Buddy the Elf in the National Tour of Elf the Musical. It was quite something.


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